"Beauty is the balance between function and form. Design Mindfulness is everything else."

Britt Lovett  


Our Mission

We aspire to simplify a lifestyle promoting responsible consumption patterns in order to be kinder and gentler to our earth. Our mantra is no useless adornment or synthetic waste. By offering high quality goods with an environmental conscience, the COMME UNE PLAY brand embraces a refreshing "paradigm of less" approach seeking to inspire a California life and style balance.   

California Lifestyle

Born out of Lovett's belief that beautiful solutions for the home can bring artful and masterful techniques to everyday products, COMME UNE PLAY offers the best, most useful provisions for the modern natural household. Los Angeles native, Britt Lovett, created COMME UNE PLAY, a California lifestyle brand and boutique dedicated to Design Mindfulness with a diversity of vintage and contemporary objects promoting beauty, sustainability, value and utility.   

Lovett recently introduced her COMME UNE PLAY approach to modern living with a flagship boutique and showroom at Sway in Santa Monica, a new breed of integrated development, equal parts architectural playground and environmentally enlightened flash point. Showcasing select goods by local, regional and international artisans. She leans into an emphasis on furnishings, décor, housewares and unconventional gifts. The collection spans the design spectrum from raw and unfinished to sleek and refined.