Live where you play. Santa Monica is urban sophistication side by side with the seductive sensuality of the seaside. There’s close proximity to people in the high rise, upscale residential buildings and resort hotels that line Ocean Ave. Contemporary pieces communicate the clean, fresh and accessible vibe of the Santa Monica Collection. Think sofas grouped in a corner of a light and airy living space with sweeping views of the Pacific. Accessorize with an array of seascape objects to keep the mood beachy and informal. 


Hollywood glamour meets the hippie tribal vibe of the old coast. No matter where you are on the 20 mile shard of shoreline, the Malibu lifestyle is a cocktail of exhilaration and laziness, exertion and reflection, socializing and solitude. Forget the distractions of the internet or EDM, shopping, narcissism or lunch at Soho House. Your Malibu retreat is a placid oasis, a sanctuary of sun, sky, and surf. We celebrate the light, space and the balancing rhythms of the coastal environment with subtle, more streamlined design and a simplified palette. The goal of our collection is luxe style with easy, visual comfort. A splash of textured sisal will collaborate with muted hues of earth and ocean for a heady dose of seaside energy.